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Biles Breaks History by Defying Gravity

By Kevin Bao

Simone Biles landed the first ever Yurchenko Double Pike Vault ever by a woman. The difficulty of this vault is very high, because you first have to bounce onto the vault on a backflip. Then, you have to push off of the vault with your face not facing the mat. And probably the most difficult part: you have to land the vault after doing 2 backflips with her legs straight and then land on both feet. The most difficult part of this is because pushing off of the vault is harder with your arms than your legs. And then you kinda have to defy gravity by doing 2 flips with not much space between you and the landing mat. This move that Biles did surprised everyone. If she can do this vault again at Tokyo 2021, and lands it well enough, she could win the competition by a wide, wide margin. All in all, she has got serious talent.

Source: https://www.yahoo.com/now/why-simone-biless-yurchenko-double-223136133.html

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