Biden's Running Mate

By: Jonathan Xu

Dear Editor,

Many people have been applauding Joe Biden for making Kamala Harris, his running mate and vice president. I am also writing to congratulate him in a way, but also to offer analysis for his decision during this time.

I specifically say during this time, because ever since the death of George Floyd, the country has been going through much turmoil, both racially and politically. This may be one of the many reasons why Biden has made the choice of Harris. It could help unify the people by placing someone who believes in racial injustice as a prosecutor and someone who is politically experienced and so strongly supports bipartisanship.

In not following tradition, and choosing a candidate who is not as experienced as some other possibilities, he believes that her past experiences speak volumes about her political expertise. Being a former presidential primary rival, Kamala Harris possesses many of the qualities valued in a running partner, including passion, intelligence and being well spoken, making her a well-rounded candidate.

As stated in the article from the New York Times, “While it may repel some younger liberals, Ms. Harris’s history as San Francisco district attorney and California attorney general may be more asset than liability for more moderate voters.” Biden has also decided that Kamala Harris will be an asset, as he believes that this could be the key towards bringing this country out of the situation it is in now, with severe protests and a raging pandemic leaving many without work.

Thank you for your time, as we will find out soon, whether Biden’s choice is able to make him the victor.

Jonathan Xu

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