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Biden refuses to give long-range missiles to Ukraine

By: Leon Cui

The Pentagon said last week that they are not giving long-range missiles to Ukraine there are not enough in the United States, and because Ukraine does not really need it.

According to government officials, despite the pressure building up from requests from US lawmakers, Biden still firmly refuses to send long-range army missiles to Ukraine for now. US law makers have requested many times that Biden accept the bill of sending long range missiles to Ukraine. The Pentagon also believes that Ukraine has some more urgent needs than long range missiles, and that if they were to send enough just for it to make a difference on the battlefield, that would already severely undercut the United States’ readiness for other conflicts that will start in the future. Britain and France have also delivered water bombs to Ukraine, which have a range of 100+ miles, after confirming their decisions with the US.

Since 2022, the Biden administration has listed several reasons why they are holding back escalations. Their chief concern is that Ukraine might launch them into Russian territory, turning the conflicts into a US–Russia confrontation. However, Ukraine has already agreed to not use these weapons to target Russia beyond the border before the war.

Ukraine has said that long-range missiles have a range of 190 miles, so they would be important for destroying Russian military command outposts behind the front line. “Without long-range weapons, it is difficult not only to carry out an offensive mission but also to conduct a defensive operation,” Zelensky said June 7 at a news conference in Prague. As Ukraine’s need for weapons grows, so does the urgency of its requests to the United States.

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