Best Part of the Perseid Meteor Shower Coming up!

By Andy Dong

Next week will be the most visible and the coolest part of the Perseid meteor shower.

On August 12, 2020, the Perseid meteor shower will be at its peak. There will be lots of meteors, also known as shooting stars. You can see this meteor shower after or before August 12, but on August 12 it is most visible. The quarter moon interferes with the visibility of the fainter meteors, but you can still see some brighter ones like the fireball. To see this show, you have to go out on August 11. The best time to look for the meteor shower is anywhere from midnight to the morning hours of August 12. The meteor showers are usually someplace in a place in the sky called the radiant. You have to point yourself north, and go up then you should see some meteors. Did you know that most shooting stars come from comets? According to DOGONEWS,  “the Perseid meteors come from a comet called Comet Tuttle.” The meteors come off by breaking off parts of the comet.



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