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Best MLB Hitter Turns Down $440 Million Offer with the Nats

By: Chase Liu

After Juan Soto recently turned down a $440 million deal contract with the Washington Nationals, The Nats are considering trading Soto off. But in the 2024 season, Soto will become a free agent - someone eligible to sign contracts with other teams.

The Nats offered $440 million for 15 years. This is the most expensive request ever in sports history. However, that's just the total value. The contract's yearly value is just $29.3 million, significantly lower than MLB player Mike Trout’s annual value of $36 million, who remains the 3rd highest-paid MLB player.

“When things like that come out that are personal, it bothers people. I’m sure it bothers him a lot,” said Manager Dave Martinez after the Washington Nats leaked the offer to the public.

“I keep everything quiet and try to keep it just [to] me,” Soto said. “But they just [made] the decision and do whatever they need to do.”

Soto told The Washington Post that he would not become a free agent if the pay seemed right. However, The Nats aren’t expected to raise the deal with Soto.

Whether Soto does or doesn’t become a free agent, 23-year-old Juan Soto will always be one of the best MLB players with two all-stars, two Silver Sluggers, 2020 Batting Champion, 2019 World Series Champion, and 2022 Home Run Derby Champion.

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