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Beside the Sea

By: Amy Liu

The waves crashed onto the cliff, shuddering it, threatening to collapse under its terrible weight.

The shore went on like that for a while, before it finally stopped its aggressive ways and calmed

down for the night. The cliff was exiled from the kingdom of Narva, but the kit didn’t mind.

Tumbling down the steep mountains, a little fox kit staggered back. One step after another, he

resisted the urge to run away and kept going.

One step after another.

Padding towards the clearing, his eyes widened. Sniffing, he noticed the sickly-sweet scent of the

ocean air wafting into his nose, and glanced around. The beautiful waves danced upon the water.

The moon, as if there was a strangely purple aura around it, rose above the clouds as they parted.

The fox kit staggered back again, but he kept going to the edge of the cliff. Holding to his chest,

a glass bottle containing a wish he made.


The tiny den barely managed to fit two people, let alone four. But that didn’t matter.

“Did you know that if you write a wish on a piece of paper and put it in a glass bottle AND

throw it in the ocean, the wish would come true?” The kit’s older brother had once approached

him, grabbing a bottle and a piece of paper.

“Make a wish,” he said softly.

“I wish I could fly!” The little fox kit had said once. At that time, he was younger, about two

months old.

“All right!” His brother closed his eyes, and smiled, “Here, let me write i-”

“Give me it!” The little fox kit snatched away the paper and the pencil and began to write.

“Well, now just put that in a bottle. Here:” The older fox scrunched up the piece of wrinkled

paper and carefully slid it in the bottle. “And just throw it into the ocean!”

The little fox kit pranced to the stony cliff, stepping over any ledges and cracks, before tripping

over a rock.

“I’m okay! Can I throw it now?” the kit asked

“Throw it,” His brother replied.

With one swift move, he threw the piece of paper as hard as he could into the ocean.

Flashback over

Slowly, the little fox kit took out the glass bottle. His eyes slightly misted with tears, as he threw

it into the calm ocean. With a tiny plink, he knew that it landed into the ocean, and then he


“Help!” came his brother’s pained screams and cries, as he grasped on the edge of the cliff.

He dug his claws into the roots, but the brink of the cliff collapsed under his weight, as he fell

towards the ground

The little fox kit could do nothing but watch as his brother was washed away by the ocean.

But the worst part was the terrible, terrible silence that followed after it.

The little fox kit shuddered at the thought of that, and stared at the edge of the cliff that had


Then, he looked back at the glass bottle. Watching it bob on the waves, he began to sing.

Drifting farther away, riding swiftly on the waves,

A message containing a wish was made,

Heading steadily towards the horizon,

And gradually fading away

Looking back, he took one last glance, and clutching his chest, he ran off into the night.


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