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Behind The Success of Tom Cruise

By: Efran ZHao

Tom Cruise is one of the biggest movie stars of the century. But what is the secret to his


He is a person with a very down-to-earth charm, often making us fall in love with his

character almost at the very beginning. He is also very secure about his private life, showing us that he’s just a normal guy, like the rest of us.

Other than his obvious looks, the secret is, he treats every movie that he makes as the most

important thing to him at that moment. He has a rare ambition and intensity when it comes to

moviemaking, which is not common in actors these days.

He constantly strives for the absolute best performance from each and every one of his costars in the film, forcing himself and them to push to their absolute limits to prepare. He trains and forces himself to do whatever the movie needs him to do, just for the sake of our entertainment.

Many of his co-stars even believe that he cares a little too much and is too obsessive about and pushing himself into real stunts, with minimal need of a green screen.

Much of this is why many of us go to see a Tom Cruise movie, not because of the movie,

but because of Tom Cruise himself. We can go to one of his movies resting easy knowing that it has one of the best actors, who is dedicated to giving us, the viewers, a good show.



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