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Beginner Metal Finders found a 1,000-Year-Old Viking Coin in Denmark

By: Ethan Tong

Three beginner metal finders became part of Danish history when they found two boxes of Viking treasure that were over 1,000 years old. Jane FogedMonster, Louise Stahlschmidt, and Mette Norre Baekgaard tripped over the treasure on a holiday in Hobro, Denmark in 2022.

The two boxes of treasures were buried, about 164 feet (50 meters) apart. Besides 300 silver coins, there were also many Danish, German, and Arabic coins. The Danish coins can be dated way back to Viking King Harald Blatand (958 - 987 CE).

The Danish coins had a cross which meant that they were minted sometime in between 970 and 980 CE. Archaeologists later came from Nordjyske Museums and thought to think it was stolen by the Vikings. They soon chopped it in half and used the silver pieces from the coin as payment.

This was not the first time that treasures from the 900s were found. "The two silver treasures constitute a fantastic story in themselves, but to find them in only eight kilometers from Harald Blatand's Viking fortress Fyrkat is exciting," said Nordjyske Museums archeologist Torben Trier Christiansen.

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