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Bees are Very Good

By: Albert Wen

Some bees are yellow,

like the soft glow of the sun.

These bees are fuzzy,

and nibble nectar for fun.

They bumble about,

and they nest in pink wood.

One would not doubt

that these bees are very good.

Some bees are bright green,

like a sharp jagged thorn.

These bees are rough,

and nectar they scorn.

They sting, and they bite,

and they steal eggs at night,

One may start to doubt

if these bees are very good.

The sun starts to fall,

and the bees start to clash.

They tumble and bumble

and they bash and they mash.

Dozens of different bees,

all looking like one,

some slash their stingers,

some drink juice for fun.

At sunrise, the bees find

that they’ve tumbled their best,

so, with buzz, they unwind,

and return to their nests.

Dozens of different bees,

sleeping soundly with food,

One would not doubt

that these bees are very very good.

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