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Beauty Youtuber Jackie Ania Under Fire After Naming a Candle After a Nigerian Protest Slogan

By: Chloe Sun

Jackie Aina, 35 who started as a beauty Youtuber, is known for advocating specifically for the people of color in the makeup industry. After she called out the company Two Faced for having a limited range, she collaborated with them to expand their foundation collection to include darker skin tones.

The Yoruba phrase “Sòro Sòkè” which means “Speak Louder,” is used to protest police brutality in Nigeria. Critics accused Aina, who is Nigerian American, of trying to profit off the movement. Nigerian social media denounced the candle fragrance as insensitive, and they criticized her for being slow to use her own platform to boost the movement at the height of protests. The protest against her still remains.

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