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Beach Bunny’s rising success in Indie-Rock

By: Thomas Yan

There was a sense of nervousness in Lili Trifilo the day before Beach Bunny was prepared to headline the sold-out show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg to a roaring crowd.

Since most of the band's recent success happened during the lockdown, Trifilio found it surprising. Onstage, Trifilio is known for her positivity. At a recent show, she made positive remarks, urged the audience to get vaccines, and led the crowd in singing for a fan on their birthday. Known for her talents onstage, Trifilio has a wide, toothy smile and a choppy bobbed haircut that she likes to dye different colors.

Beach Bunny's popularity has grown in recent years due to the viral success of "Cloud 9," a track off their debut album "Honeymoon," released in February 2020. Also, they were successful with their first hit TikTok song, "Prom Queen.". The track has gained even more popularity on Spotify as a soundtrack for photo reels featuring lovers, crushes, and besties.

Tegan Quin of the indie-pop group Tegan and Sara have been fans of Beach Bunny before they took off and would look forward to a collaboration between the two groups.

"The lyrics are so smart and melodically, I find all their songs to be really creative, said Tegan Quin. However, TikTok and other social media platforms aren't the only places where Beach Bunny's music has fans. After discovering the band in the Chicago Tribune several years ago, actor Bob Odenkirk fell in love with their music. Beach Bunny's recent music video for "Entropy" even featured him as a cameo.

The band's success with "Cloud 9" and "Prom Queen" had brought them many opportunities. Despite her fears of being ignored or forgotten, Trifilio assures fans it won’t stop her from enjoying her music.


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