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Beach Bunny looks to expand beyond TikTok

By: Evan Yang

On TikTok, there are millions of posts tagged “#promqueen.” The song, along with another hit, “Cloud 9,” have swept the app. The group behind these songs is none other than the indie-rock band Beach Bunny. Formed in 2015 in Chicago, Illinois, the four members of the band have—intentionally or not—tailored their work to the whims of the internet. Early in the pandemic, the band grew in popularity almost 200 percent, and coming out of COVID-19, they are looking to solidify their fame in real life.

Lili Trifilio, a singer and the band’s songwriter, tends to write about the misery and hardships of youth. On “Painkiller,” Trifilio drops the names of medications that might make her feel better. On the other hand, the band’s debut album, Honeymoon, has an emotional and romantic nuance. Many have said that the lyrics are deceptively creative, while the music features catchy and smooth melodies. Several fans have even asked for acoustic versions of Beach Bunny songs to play at their weddings.

Despite the popularity of the band on TikTok, they have many fans in other places as well. Trifilio wants to “play big stages and play with bands I like…[without falling] into this genre of internet bands.” Beach Bunny recently went on tour in April.

The band’s following on TikTok has only grown since the release of their song “Fire Escape.” Emotional Creature is set to release on July 22.

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