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Beach Bunny Gains Popularity on TikTok

By: Emily Li

Beach Bunny, who first went viral on TikTok, is performing their first sold-out show in Brooklyn, New York. After their 2018 song, ‘Prom Queen,’ escalated on TikTok, the indie-rock band has been unstoppable. Now Beach Bunny has followers outside of the social media world too.

Created in 2015, Beach Bunny is made up of four members: Lili Trifilio, Aidan Cada, Jon Alvarado, and Matt Henkels. Their songs are winners on many social media platforms like Spotify and TikTok. “Over the pandemic, Beach Bunny has grown like 200 percent,” says Trifilio, the lead vocalist. ‘Cloud 9,’ part of the “Honeymoon” album, has over 240 million streams on Spotify.

As Beach Bunny’s fame continues to increase, so does their fan base. Bob Odenkirk, voice actor in ‘Incredibles Two,’ is a big enthusiast.“I’m an older white guy, and her lyrics are about longing and written from a female perspective. But I still feel very connected to the pain and estrangement of my 14-year-old self, and I always will,” Odenkirk proudly voices.

We have seen the magic from being TikTok famous to internationally famous. Muna, an American indie pop band, was always a TikTok hit but is now an international hit as well. Like Beach Bunny, the members aren’t afraid to express their emotions and have fizzy songs that bring light to our day. At the start of 2021, Olivia Rodrigo was an unheard-of singer who started posting on TikTok. By the end of 2021, she is an internationally famous singer who will host sell out concerts.

As Beach Bunny continues to rise, tickets to their shows are harder to obtain. For their upcoming six month long tour starting in July 2022, the 500,000 tickets were all sold out for their 35 shows.

Tegan and Sara, a Canadian indie pop duo, say about Beach Bunny, “[t]here’s just this vibrant, incredible scene flourishing around them because people can find them.”




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