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By: Theodore Tong

With four ships, I make a fleet,

One that spreads intensity and heat.

May the best commander win,

Sink their carrier and grin.

I’m not going to be beat.

The enemy will shout “Attack,”

Bombing my sub on its back.

I shoot a cannonball,

It misses, we continue to brawl.

Until I see my enemy's pack.

I shoot a missile to the right,

Hitting their carrier, bulls-eye.

They realize my plan of attack,

They start to get serious and stop the yak.

The ships are in my sight.

After a few more hits, I’m close to victory,

the rest is soon to be history.

I wake up, I’m in bed,

This was all a dream instead.

Why dream of battleships? What a mystery!

I wake up,

Go to my notebook, yup.

I write down my weird dream,

And the battleship scheme.

Then I try to replay the scene.

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