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Battle rap industry grows and flourishes

By: Claire Zhou

In a Brooklyn neighborhood, there’s a small wellness center that you might think is for waiting. But it’s actually a battleground.

In this room, the Trap NY hosts its rapping events. “This is one of those places where you can make a statement with the right type of performance,” said Hero, a rapper from Dallas. “It’s a place where you’ve got to prove you’re one of them guys that matter in battle rap.”

Battle rap is a form of art and sport. It’s also an industry that has been growing over the past few years. Leagues have gained large and devoted followers. Organizations now pay large amounts of money to rappers who can keep fans engaged and prove themselves.

Rap battles have a simple structure. There are three rounds where two rappers try to out-rap each other with a cappella verses made for their opponent. In the end, there’s no official winner. The viewers, both online and in person, end up debating who the winner is. This form of art and sport continues to thrive for both fun and competitive.

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