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Baseball’s Efforts in China

By: Crystal Ge

None of Ban Johnson’s fans were at a recent Ban

Johnson summer league. It was a routine that needed a

fast race a very fast one.

This all started when the DJ’s High School coach

was 7,000 miles away in Nanjing, China. Which was

blasting out with pride.

“That was the best!” said Chang a Chinese person

who grew up in America. He was focusing on the main

thing for us kids strategies because when a kid comes to

us the kid will be bad.

Chang is a manager of a baseball operations for a

Major League.

The recruiters were initially impressed by DJ’s foot

speed plus throwing accuracy, a skill he attributes to

hurling rocks at domestic yaks to encourage them to stop


Unsurprisingly, DJ says basketball, soccer, tennis

and table tennis would likely be his playing choices had

baseball not come calling. He graduated from the

development center’s high school program in Nanjing,

where he was coached by Chang. After Thanksgiving, he

was awarded a full scholarship to play baseball for

Rockhurst University, a division II school at Kansas City.

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