Barcelona Beach Closed Again Due to New Virus Spike

By Andy Dong

On Saturday the Barcelona beach was closed by police because too many people were on it and were too close. Police closed the beach to keep the virus from spreading.

Police blocked the path to the beach to stop any more people from coming into the beach. They asked the people who were already on the beach to leave.  Barcelona has faced an outbreak before. The coronavirus outbreak has killed over 28,400 people in Spain, which caused the country to have a three month lockdown. Now the lockdown is over, but a new wave of coronavirus caused them to close again. According to Catalan health authorities, on July 18, 2020, there were over 1200 new daily cases. There also have been new rules, including no more than 10 people gatherings, staying at home unless people need to work, and if people go out people need to wear masks.


AP News

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