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Barbie Movie

By: Eli Chen

In the next Barbie Movie made in 2023, the creator, Greta Gerwig. used a lot of pink paint, to create the Barbie dream house. The owners used more than 200 gallons of pink paint to paint the Barbie dream house. This caused a major pink paint shortage in the world.

The Barbie movie mainly features Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in a Barbie dream house. Robbie played Barbie and Gosling played Ken. The Barbie dream house is painted pink. Everything in it is painted pink except for some objects. Even the car is pink.

The owner and director, Greta Gerwig loved pink. That’s why almost everything is pink in the Barbie dream house. “I wanted the pink to be very bright, and everything else is too much”, says Greta. However, this used too much of the pink paint in the world.

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