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Barbenheimer: The Hollywood Meme ofthe Year

By: Andy Dong

As the new Barbenheimer hype thrives, Hollywood actors threaten to bring down its future if they don’t get what they want.

The dual-opening of Barbie and Oppenheimer has created a nationwide phenomenon of watching both movies back to back. Although the two movies contrast each other in many ways, the same launch date of July 21, 2023 has made many fans eager to follow this new trend. However, the ongoing Hollywood strike could possibly bring the production industry to a temporary stop.

Predictions say that the Barbie movie is going to blitz past 150 million dollars in opening weekend sales. Oppenheimer is also expected to make 50 million in sales all in its first weekend. However, instead of the normal celebration and success, there are huge bumps down the road for these two (and many more) movies. The film industry could experience huge problemsbecause of the Hollywood strike.

Hollywood actors and writers are on strike because they are demanding more pay to deal with inflation, and they also want tighter rules on the use of AI in projects. More than 150,000 members of SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild) joined the Writers Guild to strike. These protests are expected to last for months, meaning the strikes willcontinue into the fall.

One negative possibility as a result is that many movies supposed to launch this year could be forced to be delayed until next year, or even longer because of the strike. There are supposed to be no new Barbie-level blockbusters until late into the fall, which means it is in danger of being delayed to next year. Some movies have already been delayed to next year, and people fear that many others will follow. “If ‘Oppenheimer’ were a fall movie and I was taking it to Toronto, I think we’d probably at this point have decided not to take it,” said that film’s awards strategist, Tony Angelotti. He is fearful of the impacts of the strike on the fall movies. Angelotti would think that it would not make much money when taken into consideration of the cost along the way.

Theaters are in doubt on the next few movies supposed to be launched. They don’t know if the Barbenheimer hype will continue or if all the upcoming movies will be suddenly delayed. Many big waves will occur if something happens either way, good or bad.

Article Sources: Why Hollywood Actors are on Strike

‘Barbenheimer’ Is a Huge Hollywood Moment and Maybe the Last for a While

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