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‘Barbenheimer’ Releases Amid Hollywood Strike

By: Ethan Shen

The movies “Barbie” by Greta Gerwig and “Oppenheimer” by Christopher Nolan” have released on the same day, amid a massive strike on Hollywood.

However, these two movies could not be more different. “Barbie” is a comedy based on the toy doll, while “Oppenheimer” is a biopic depicting the creation of the atomic bomb. “Barbie is light and cheery, while “Oppenheimer” takes on a more dark and oppressive tone. This has not affected box office sales much as “Barbie” has made $182 million worldwide, while “Oppenheimer” is boasting an impressive $231 million.

These massive box office profits may be the last for months, as the SAG-AFTRA and the Writer’s Guild of America have engaged in a massive strike with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers bargains on behalf of the studios.

Already, movies like “Challengers”, “Poor Things”, “Problemista”, “White Bird”, and possibly even the sci-fi sequel “Dune: Part Two” being delayed and pushed back, with many lacking an official release date. This has created the possibility of the last contenders for awards to be “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer”. Scott Sanders puts it best: “Then what happens?”

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