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“Barbenheimer” is a Huge Hollywood Moment, Predicted to Last for a While

By: Puter Kang

The recent dual movies “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” have started a phenomenon called “Barbenheimer”. Even though the two movies are very different in storyline and themes, millions of movie fans are eager to watch the two of the year’s most anticipated titles back-to-back.

As the hype grows, Michael Moses, the chief marketing officer of Universal Picture, says: “It’s the best of the times, it’s the worst of the times.” Moses is overjoyed that the movies are making a huge impact on everyone. He believes that many in Hollywood this weekend might feel both happiness and uneasiness.

“Problemista” and “White Bird”, two upcoming films that Hollywood were going to release recently has monitored their plans of releasing after the plan by Hollywood officials. Currently, they do not have an official release date anymore.

“Challengers” release date is confirmed to be 8.30, but now it has been moved to April in 2024.

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