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‘Barbenheimer’ is a huge Hollywood Moment, and maybe Last for a While

By: Phoebe Huang

The film industry’s happiest weekend in a long time may also last for a long time. With the dual opening of “Barbie”, Greta Gerwig’s comedy on the classic Mattel doll, and Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” on the mastermind behind the atomic bomb, two pop culture phenomena are upon us.

The movies are poles apart in terms of style and plot, but by landing on the same day, the escalation has captured public excitement and consciousness. Movie fans, many of whom have seldom returned to theaters post-COVID, are eager to watch two of the year’s most anticipated titles.

Analysts predict that “Barbie” will earn $150,000,000 in the first few weeks and even top “The Super Mario Bros Movie”, this year's champ so far. “Oppenheimer,” also in its first weekend, is set to make more than $50 million, a colossal accomplishment for a dense, three-hour drama.

He noted that in the past few weeks, as the “Barbenheimer” hype grew, so did the hostility between the guilds and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, the organization that bargains on behalf of the studios. With both sides well-established and the strikes expected to continue into the fall, the mood for many in Hollywood this weekend will shift between joy and unease.

“It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times,” said Michael Moses, who oversaw the release of “Oppenheimer” in his role as the chief marketing officer for Universal Pictures.

Nevertheless, the movies are still enjoyed by ages 13+ and remain hits. The small details in both movies are widely appreciated, and theaters premiering the movies are thriving.

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