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Back to school, we go

By: Austin Fang

Back to school we go next week

And summer is now the past

7 hours of learning each day

How long will this pain last?

Reading, math, science, grammar

Stuck in a classroom for a day

Tests and grades, quizzes, and homework

When it’s over we shout: “Hurray!”

Summer was fun while it lasted but

We are back at school

As the bus pulls into my tiny house

I think, “This is not cool.”

The school looks as old and as boring

And it has always had

My fellow students look tired

And really really sad.

School is such a pain

Why can’t it be summer every day?

7 hours of learning

Why do we need to learn anyway?

I run into my friend and tell him

“School is really bad,

7 hours of pure learning

That is so not rad!”

He replies “Think about it

School isn’t terrible

You learn to think and grow your brain

And the classes are pretty bearable”

“You can meet new friends

And can learn new cool stuff

There’s recess and there's lunch

School is good enough”

The moral of this poem is

That you should appreciate school

Always look at the cons

Because part of school is COOL

If half a glass is filled with water

In life, there is a rule

Do not think of it as half empty

Because it’s obviously half full

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