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Avery Island: The Best Tour

By: Emily Zhang

Tobacco sauce! Sunning alligators! Beautiful garden walkways! Avery Island and the Bayou Tour in Louisiana are both great diverse places to visit. But if you want can only choose one, then the Avery Island is the better and more interesting choice. There are many reasons why you should visit the island including the diverse wildlife, and the activities to participate in, let along the cheaper price. Avery Island is definitely worth the day exploring!

First of all, Avery Island has much more diversity of wildlife and plants than the Bayou Tour. For example, according to “Avery Island Visit”, there are many parks full of life to visit there, including the Jungle Gardens and the Bird City.

In the Jungle Gardens, there are so many colorful and beautiful lilacs, roses, daises, marigolds, and lavenders to look at! A variety of different creatures living there include alligators and deer, laying out on the logs or concealed amongst the thickest of the brushes, hidden from the human eye. In the Bird City, there are thousands of snow-white, fluffy feathered egrets living there, such a great sight to see! The Bayou Tour, on the other hand, only has some lakes with animals that you can’t even go up close to see them, because you are stuck in a boat. Unlike Avery Island, where you can actually walk around to see the animals.

Secondly, if you are on a tight budget, the cost of the Avery Island tour is much cheaper than the Bayou Tour. According to the article, “Bayou Tour”, the cost for each adult is $40.00, and the cost for each child is $20.00. On the other hand, according to “Avery Island Visit”, the cost for the tour is only $1.00!

Finally, there are many more things to do on Avery Island than the Bayou Tour. For instance, according to “Avery Island Visit”, you can choose to walk around a factory where the workers make Tabasco sauce. The sauce is made from salt that is found on the island, and mixed with vinegar, then strained and put into bottles. You can see the workers make Tabasco sauce. If you like spicy food, you can even try the sauce out yourself! It is a great opportunity to try the sauce out because you can try something new. At the Bayou Tour, unlike Avery Island, is only one thing: to sit in a boat, crowded with over one hundred people, unable to do any fun activities. Avery Island has more activities to do than the Bayou Tour.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why I think you should go on Avery Island instead of the Bayou Tour. These reasons include the cost of the tours, the abundance of wildlife, and the options to choose from. Avery Island is way more fun to visit than the Bayou Tour. I am hoping to spend the day trying new spicy food, taking a nature walk, and checking out the wildlife. I hope you can join in the fun, too! In my opinion, you should go visit Avery Island and drop the idea of going on the Bayou Tour.

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