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Avalanche won game 4 with a OT game winner!

By: Alvin Fang

On June 22, the Colorado Avalanche defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning 3-2 and took a 3-1 series lead, and went on to win the NHL Stanley Cup Finals.

The game began with Anthony Cirelli scoring a quick goal. The Avalanche recovered, however, with Nathan MacKinnon breaking a 32-shot scoreless streak with his first goal of the finals in the second period. But, Victor Hedman from the Tampa Bay Lightning scored the 3rd point and Nico Sturm tied the game afterward, they then go to overtime and Nazem Kadri shot…

For a second, the whole Avalanche bench was silent, the officials were trying to find the puck when they found it in the back of the goalpost, and the bench erupted as they celebrated their win!

“This one is going to hurt much more than others,” said the Tampa Bay coach, Jon Cooper “You’re going to see what I mean when you see the winning goal. And my heart breaks for the players because we should probably still be playing.” Cooper added.

But for Colorado, this meant that one more win and they would win the Stanley Cup Finals, something they hadn’t done in two decades! This team has been performing well this entire season, as in the entire postseason, they have played 18 games and won 15 of them! They swept the Predators and Oilers, and beat the Blues in six games! They have deserved the win, and the cup.

Against the Bolts (short for Tampa Bay Lightning), the Avalanche did just well as well, winning the first game the 3-4, and the taking the the second game 7-0! Althought they dropped the third game, they were able to win the fourth to takea 3-1 series lead.

The Bolts have made it to the finals in 2021, 2020, and 2019. But somehow, even with less experience, the Avalanche have taken a comanding lead and will probably go on to win the finals!

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