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Australlian man overcomes illness to eat 47 Hotdogs

By: Katelyn Wei

In the last year and half, an Australian man named James Webb quitted his job to enter food eating competitions throughout Australia and the United States of America and won a lot of money very quickly.

This 34-year-old man broke many records in one attempt. For example, he ate 38 pancakes in one hour at his first contest in Brisbane. A few weeks later he broke another record by eating 17 sausage sizzle sandwiches in three minutes. Then he ate a 3.5kg doughnut 20 minutes afterwards.

He also got third place in New York’s famous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, eating 47 hotdogs within 10 minutes. Many people were awed at Webb because he used to fight obesity as a child. He was also able to play soccer before his illness put him in the hospital for 18 months.

He suffered from many rare diseases such as Guillain-Barre syndrome and auto-immune disorder. He also had a rare sickness which paralyzed him and must use a ventilator to breathe.

Now he is a healthy man, goes to the gym every day, and within the top 10 competitive eaters in the world.

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