Australian Surgeons Rebuild Girl’s Spine

By Jeddy Yu

Australian Surgeons rebuilt Nichole Jamelo’s Spine. Nichole has never been able to stand up straight or walk. Eleven year old Nichole has a severely deformed spine, far worse than anything the Australian surgeons ever saw. Only a few days after surgery, Nichole amazed everyone by not just standing straight but walking! Nichole said that she had courage to face the future. When she was first brought to the children's hospital, no one realized how severe her case really was. No one could help so they called the CFF charity. The CFF chief executive officer was shocked when she saw Nichole’s spine, and they knew that they had to act fast, but then because of Covid-19 the operating theatres closed. It was so bad that she couldn’t go home. She needed the surgery. Associate Professor Yi Yang had never seen something so bad, so he offered the surgery for free. On November 28, her operating theatres reopened. During the first 5 hours Prof. Li Yang made cuts into Nichole’s bone. Then he used computers to place screws in her vertebrae. At the end, metal rods are attached to the screws to straighten her spine. After surgery Nichole was weak and tired but looked forward to doing all sorts of activities.



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