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Australian Scientists Discover How Golden Staphs Turn Deadly

By: Katelyn Wei

Recently in 2023, scientists from Melbourne have discovered that golden staph turns deadly. This has the possibility to heal many people around the world which can stop an upcoming disease in 2050.

A researcher at Doherty Institute has published their discovery in eLife, an online medical journal. The team shows how a golden staph can hide inside human cells to avoid being detected by the immune system. This allowed scientists to create better medicine for patients before they have deadly infections.

In Australia, there are around 4000 golden staph cases of infections per year. Every year, 20 percent of patients died to this infection. Dr. Hachani states one of three people has golden staph in their nose or their skin. Most of this colonization is harmless. If it enters the bloodstream, it can lead to fatal infections or worse, death.

The research team created a new way to study the golden staph’s behaviors inside the human cells on a large scall. Dr. Hachani states this method was the key to understanding how it behaves. This provided information about the way they survive and take over the human’s immune system.

A microbiologist also at the Doherty Institute said the method would help finding medicine to treat fatal infections caused by the golden staph. There were 400 samples from people with golden staph infections in Australia and New Zealand which gave the Doherty Institute team with more information.

Since the research team has more data, they could stop a pandemic happening in 2050 which is more powerful than Covid. The United Nations estimates that up to 10 million deaths annually could be caused by superbugs. With this information, scientists can create better treatment for this disease.

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