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Australian man overcomes illness to eat 47 hot dogs in a minute

By: Caroline Chen

James webb-also known by his social media account-J Webby can eat. In fact he’s a competitive eater from Sydney, Australia.

Webb has won many eating contests and is known worldwide but people know very little about his backstory.

At the young age of 27, Webb was diagnosed with GBS, an auto-immune disorder, at the young age of 27. If you don’t know, GBS is a rare disease that can cause paralysis which means his body can't move anymore. As a semi-professional soccer player, this was a huge tragedy. His doctor told him that he would never be able to walk again.

“Basically, I went to sleep one night as a professional soccer player and woke up paralyzed” Mr. Webb said.

Just as he thought things couldn't get any more worse, he developed cataracts, when the lens of the eyes become cloudy, and became blind.

Although he couldn’t complete his soccer dreams, Webb didn’t let his diseases stop him. He had a surgery a surgery and taught himself how to walk again.

Mr. Webb is now fit and healthy. He eats a lot of food but is still not overweight because he exercises daily.

You might be wondering, how did this guy become a professional eater?

It started after he was spotted eating an impressive amount of food at a cessnock restaurant.

A person who spotted him then sent a video of him eating to the local newspaper who sent it to channel 9 ,and the next morning, he was on tv.

During lockdown he posted his feats on social media and when lockdown ended restaurants and cafes started paying him to eat their food.

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