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Aussie Musicians are Gaining Larger Global Audiences

By: Ansha Kottapalli

Australian musicians have been growing their fan bases overseas, building bigger names for themselves. Although Aussies have historically never been featured in their own country’s music charts, American and English musicians being more popular, they are now expanding their international audience.

Nineteen-year-old Australian singer-songwriter, The Kid Laroi, released a single, Love Again, which has been streamed 146 million times to date. Even now, around thirty million people stream his song each month on Spotify, spreading his music on a global scale.

Another Aussie singer-songwriter, Kylie Minogue, who rose to fame in the late 80s, released her latest single this year, Padam Padam. This song was streamed about 40 million times worldwide within the first two months of its release. Additionally, Australian musician Go-jo released his single, Mrs. Hollywood, which gained 20 million streams within four months of its release.

Alicia Sbrugera, Spotify’s Head of Music, said dance and electronic music by many Australian music producers such as Dom Dolla and Timmy Trumpet garner high global attention, especially in the summer, because the audience likes to play them at upbeat parties. Sbrugera says, “The vast majority of these releases have happened in the lead up to the American and European summer season”(KidsNews). She also said they attract global audiences by collaborating with American artists.

Social media also plays a huge role in these artists’ international success. For example, Go-jo played his single to random people on the beach which he then posted on TikTok and it, “blew up in America”(KidsNews).

Chugg Music CEO Andrew Stone said Go-jo’s social media platform attracted people to the song which then caused people to want to listen to the full version. He said, “Before platforms like TikTok and YouTube became big, artists could have only done this by getting their song played regularly on radio”(KidsNews).

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