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Aussie cartoon Bluey hits a six with touching cricket episode

By: Ellie Zhang

The writers of the hit Aussie animated TV show Bluey has lauded for hitting the latest episode out of the park.

The series follows a family of blue heelers: mum Chilli, dad Bandit and their two children, Bluey and Bingo.

In the episode, Bluey’s dad, Bandit, tells the story of how the red kelpie Rusty became so good at the game of cricket.

Bandit ends the episode by explaining to Bluey that, "This is what cricket is about, kid!" As people see little Rusty walking off to lunch, bat in hand, and then fist bumping who we can only assume is himself as an adult playing for Australia in his baggy green cap.

The touching twist at the end had adults “left in bits” and many tipping their Australian baggy green hats to the writers for perfectly capturing the spirit of the game.

Bandit recounts the story of a cricket game during a kids’ birthday party.

Bluey asks her dad if they can play a different game, to which Bandit responds, “What? Cricket’s more fun”.

“But cricket’s just about hitting a ball around the grass,” Bluey replies.

Her dad responds: “Cricket’s about more than that, kid.”

The episode is released alongside the World Test Championship Final and the Ashes series.

But it was the end of the episode that had adults in tears as the writers perfectly captured the spirit of cricket.

Rusty fights off their many and varied tactics but still needs to get more energized, and gain motivation. That is until he receives a heartfelt letter from his dad.

“As you grow up, you'll face harder things than a cricket ball and you'll have two choices: Back away and get out, or step in front and play a pull shot,” Bandit wrote.

"Just keep your eye on the ball, and keep an eye on your little sister for me."

Of course, this is exactly what Rusty needed to hear to keep going.

One of those viewers was Australian cricketer Ed Cowan, who said, “I was bawling my eyes out!” at the end of the episode.

In an episode that has pulled on the cricketing world’s heartstrings, the sport is part of the central storyline with red kelpie Rusty, one of Bluey’s friends, and his love for cricket at the forefront.

The Bluey episode, cricket, is a perfect homage to the backyard game cricket and an example for people to never give up in pursuit of their dreams.

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