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Aussie cartoon Bluey hits a six with touching cricket episode

By: Johnn Jin

Based on a family of blue heelers, the Australian TV show Bluey has mum Chilli, dad Bandit, sister Bingo and the eponymous Bluey. The show has become a worldwide phenomenon. Bluey takes place in Queensland, Australia, and has 151 episodes through 3 seasons.

In the cricket episodes the kids including Bluey, Rusty, and others love playing cricket with their dads. As Rusty practices at home when he plays with the other kids the parents can’t get him out. Bluey is a minor player in the episode, saying: “Cricket’s just about hitting a ball around the grass,” before her dad says: “Cricket’s about more than that, kid.”

On day five of the World Test Championship Final, the cricket episode was the top-rated non-news show on Sunday. With 563,000 views and is more than the cricket world title itself that has 524,000!

Former Aussie batter Ed Cowan said, “If you’re a cricket fan, I don’t care how old you are, you have to watch this episode. And if you don’t have a tear in your eye at the end of the episode, I don’t even know if you’re human.” He thinks that Bluey is the most popular cartoon in the world. “Honestly, I was bawling my eyes out,” he said. “So Romy is 10 and a half. She's too old for Bluey, and still loves it. The way Rusty practices he seems to have a clear hit for game 6.”

Broadcaster Andy Maher posted: “Rightfully a lotta love for ‘Cricket’. It’s note-perfect and an absolute joy. What shouldn’t be lost is the respect given to technique in the (episode) – especially Tiny’s action. It’s a thing of beauty. Total respect.”

Cricket journalist Melinda Farrell said on Twitter: “FINALLY got to see the Bluey ‘Cricket’ episode. It’s simply beautiful! Do yourself a favor, even if you’re not a kid or you don’t have one. So much to love!” Lots of other people also tweeted how much they loved that episode on Bluey.

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