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Audience Helps Lewis Capaldi Sing the Rest of Someone You Loved

By: Kevin Lee

On June 24th, 2023, Lewis Capaldi was struggling to sing Someone You Loved, due to his Tourette syndrome, at the Glastonbury Festival. Thus, the audience joined in with the singing to help Capaldi during the performance.

“I genuinely dreamt of doing this,’ he said as he walked off stage. ‘If I never get to do it again, this has been enough,” according to CBC Kids News.

Lewis Capaldi is a Scottish singer who was born on October 7th, 1996, in Glasgow, Scotland. He has recorded many songs and albums. According to Hits-Radio, “The Scottish singer is best known for hits 'Bruises', 'Someone You Loved', 'Hold Me While You Wait', and 'Before You Go'.”

In September of 2022, Capaldi publicly revealed that he had been diagnosed with Tourette syndrome.

To put it simply, Tourette syndrome is a condition of the nervous system that makes you make unintentional moves or makes you create unintentional sounds, according to CDC.

At the Glastonbury Festival, he struggled with his performance, but he kept singing.When Lewis Capaldi sang his hit song, Someone You Loved, his fans sang with him and sang until the end. Capaldi would later say that the fans joining in to sing was “brave”, according to CBC Kids News.

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