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As The Memories Of The Korean War Disappear, The Consequences Are More Clearer

By: Jason Huang

After the Korean War

The end of the Korean War was marked by a cease-fire which isn’t a victory or a peace deal. The Americans call the Korean War the “Forgotten War,” which veterans of the Korean War are struggling to adapt to.

”We don’t call it the Forgotten War, we call it the forgotten victory,” said retired U.S. Marine Col. Warren Wiedhahn. ”We saved South Korea from becoming a communist country.” It might not have been clear at the time though. There is a group called the Chosin Few and they are veterans who fought in the Chosin Reservoir, a freezing battle against the Chinese army. The president of this group is Wiedhahn, who is now 94 years old, and the group passes down their membership to their next generation.

In The End

The very old Koreans thank the Korean war veterans yet Korean War veterans thought they had lost the Korean War. The Korean War was one of three wars after the second World War which America saw as a lost war. ”I sympathize with the Korean War vets,” said Welton Chang, who served two tours in Iraq.

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