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As Pakistan’s Flood Season approaches, Climate Change and Bad Infrastructure Makes These Worse

By: Hannah Yang

Recently, floods and monsoons have devastated Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi. This Saturday, the heavy rains and deadly flash floods claimed 15 lives, and damaged at least 50 houses and a few mini-power stations .

According to the PDMA (Provincial Disaster Management Authority), the sudden heavy rains, which led to severe flash floods, had killed 300 people in the process.

The flash flood killed many cattle and messed up the water system of four nearby cities, Dansh, Berti, Jashoi, and Dangoi. Luckily, the people from those four cities evacuated before the floods disrupted their water system.

“Other provinces, including Balochistan in the southwest, have also experienced extreme rainfall recently. At least 87 people have been killed in the province due to “heavy rainfall, floods, and infrastructure collapse” this month alone, according to a report from the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA).”

Scientists believe that human-caused climate change has worsened the severity of the region’s floods, and may cause hundreds to die in the future. Due to the effects of climate change and pollution on the planet many are choosing to protest for action.

Pakistan rain: Karachi battered by torrential rain, as climate crisis ....


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