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As Men Lose Y Chromosomes Due to Age, Heart Risks are Expected to Grow

By: Jessie Sha

When men age, they lose their Y chromosomes, but does it matter? For half a decade, people haven’t seemed to find an answer until now. Researchers have reported that they matter a lot to the human body.

A new study was posted using male mice that are genetically programmed to lose their Y chromosomes. They found that when Y chromosomes are gone from blood, scar tissue builds up in the heart, a shortened lifespan because of heart failure. There was a direct cause and effect result from the aging mice, and this happens to men as well. Researchers have even documented the increase in heart diseases over the years. The inspiration for new research happened when a researcher from Uppsala University talked with a former professor; he was fascinated.

Dr. Forsberg is a researcher from Uppsala University who had never paid much attention to Y chromosomes. He and many others had shared the thought that the Y chromosome was a genetic waste. He thought about what the professor had said and decided to do a test. He found out after the people who lost it lived half as long comparing 5.5 to 11.1. After the results, he said this, “You can imagine my surprise. Of course I redid everything.” Later, he published a paper on it and many others got the same results after testing.

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