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As fans of the cartoon show Bluey, a show with a family of dogs, wait for the new season

By: Terence Tan

Not only has this successful show won the International Emmy award, but it also has different podcasts, different merchandise, and most important of all… Bluey attracted millions of fans.

Bluey’s main reason for its fame might be mostly because of its humor, silliness, and personality. It's not only kids that like this show, but adults can also enjoy and understand what is happening in these cartoons!

This show can teach not only kids, but even parents a new thing or two because of what the dogs say and do to each other. When the dad of the family is tired, and his kids Bingo and Bluey want him to play with them. He said he would as long as he doesn’t have to move his body or talk.

Bluey also teaches kids how to deal with things in life like a pet dying. In season one Bluey finds an injured bird and then takes it to the vet, and even so the bird still dies. This would teach kids that not everything in life will be perfect.

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