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As Chatbots Take Jobs, Physical Work Becomes More Future Proof Than Creative Writing

By: Ethan Shen

As AI chatbots become increasingly more realistic, many writers are suddenly finding themselves without a job. This is because many companies sacrifice quality for quantity because an AI doesn’t require an hourly wage.

`Eric Fein is one such writer who was replaced. He lost his comfortable job working with 10 clients nearly overnight. Only one client came back, saying that the AI provided unsatisfactory results. Mr. Fein is now studying to be an air conditioner technician.

As more companies transition towards AI chatbots like ChatGPT, more and more writers are going out of business. However, there are some downsides to using AI. These AI programs work by writing the most statistically popular word that comes after the previous one they have written. They do this by analyzing billions of works already written.

This means that the writing produced by the AI is average by design - not original. Also, the AI will sometimes “hallucinate”, making up fake events in its writing. Even though AI has its shortcomings, many companies still use it because it is (in most cases), free.

All in all, we might be looking at a future where there will be a mass reassignment of jobs, causing an outcome similar to the Industrial Revolution. Physical work might be the most future-proof jobs a person can get!

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