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Artwork Made out of an Old Oil Rig

By: Weston Ma

A group in the English coastal town of Weston-Super-Mare plan to turn a used oil rig from the North Sea into a magnificent piece of public art. The oil rig, called the Monster, was carried by a barge that was 100-130 yards long.

The people making the project say they want to get people talking about sustainability. The entire piece will be 35m tall, which is 4.9 meters smaller than the Christ the Redeemer statue and 5.1 meters longer than the largest confirmed blue whale.

The artists say the Monster will have four floors, a waterfall, an Amphitheatre, an onboard watering hole, and a monster scale design on the side, which has 6000 pieces. "The idea of bringing this back and showing people how this can be of benefit and the lessons that could be learned is fantastic," said Mark Canniford, who is part of the North Somerset Council.

The 400-ton oil rig platform was brought to England from the Netherlands on Wednesday. "These giants are all over the world, and no one has ever tried to do this before,” said Patrick O'Mahony, the founder of New Substance. “It's spent its life taking from the earth, and now it's time for it to give back,” he added. This project is part of a ten-part large project called “Unboxed: Creativity in the UK.” The point of the projects is to showcase STEM.

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