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Are Aliens Real?

By: Ray Wu

The question “Are lliens real?” all started from a tv show from the 1970s, showing an alien attack. Many people thought it was real, and everyone went running for their lives. Is it possible that they exist?

Fears of monsters and aliens keep children from sleeping. Their parents tried to shut down all of that. Monsters aren’t real. What about aliens? What are the odds of aliens existing? What about seeing one?

According to CNN news, aliens definitely exist. Britain’s first astronaut said. It is also possible that they are now living on Earth undetected.

“There are so many billions of stars out there in the universe that there must be all sorts of different forms of life,” Helen Sharman said. “Will they be like you and me, made up of carbon and nitrogen? Maybe not.”

People say that they have seen a UFO before. Others think they are lying. It might just be a cloud, weather balloon, bird, airplane, or the planet Venus. However, there are some UFO sightings in space.

When UFO sightings were caught, they were known to look like orbs. They are also lights shining and moving, and everyone believes they are UFOs. Some people even kept track of the number of UFO sightings. Some states found hundreds of them.

Not all UFOs have to contain aliens. It could be something that we never thought of. Maybe aliens were just sending an alien-made spacecraft and accidentally found humans.

It is possible to have another planet in the universe that can support any type of life. There are billions of stars in our universe, which means that even the slightest chances could occur with so many stars in the universe.

There are an estimated 36 planets with intelligent living organisms that make communications. The estimate came from a variable unknown answer, which means that there could be up to 211 planets with life.

It is very unlikely that we would get in touch with extraterrestrial life before human extinction, a hypothetical event. If we wanted to find aliens, it would take about 1,030 years. War and underpopulation are expected much before that.

There are 7+ reasons that we haven’t found aliens yet.

#1) There aren’t any aliens. It is very contradicting to what other sites just said, but still possible.

#2) There are no intelligent aliens near us. Even though aliens are likely to exist, it doesn’t mean they could just be microbes. That means that they are not intelligent and are unable to find us easily.

#3) Aliens lack high technology. Aliens could be sending radio signals from far away. Even if they are intelligent, do they have the technology to send radio waves?

#4) Intelligent life could go extinct quickly. Even if aliens’ technology is good enough to create sound waves, there could be a war. They could create shock waves or other types of weapons.

#5) We aren’t looking in alien-dense areas. Even if aliens fit in all the categories above, we might not fit the ones we need to. Alien-dense areas could be a better place to find them.

#6) We have only been looking for decades. Eighty years. Is that enough time to see even the slightest amount of our galaxy? We haven’t even been finished with the solar system.

#7) We don’t realize that aliens are already here. There are many alien sightings, but we don’t know if they are real.

Now we know that UFOs aren’t evidence of alien existence. Alien videos could just be a trick or even fake, though they have gone viral. If there is no evidence that aliens exist, are astronomers going to give up? Will dreams about aliens never become true?

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