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Apple Visual Pro Headsets blurs the border between virtual and reality

By: Puter Kang

Virtual gadgets are about to collide and mix into the reality we live in. One of the most famous tech companies, Apple, just released the Vision Pro Headset, which is basically a screen that you wear on your face. Using only your hands, head and voice, you can watch a movie, play a game, and chat on social media anywhere.

As KidsNews states: “They use cameras, sensors, and microphones to photograph and record anywhere.” This has made things so much easier because you can record exactly what you are looking at, not needing to worry about the lens being blurry, or the camera being shaky. Not only was this problem solved, but a lot of major flaws with laptops, PC’s, phones, iPads have also been solved.

One example is the size of the devices. If a PC is the only electronic device you own, you will obviously not carry it around in public, because it is huge and not really portable. Though, if you can use this Visual Pro Headset that Apple has been promoting, then not only the features will be improved by a whole chunk, but also because of the portability of this amazing product.

Another spotlight feature is that the goggles show you the users’ real eyes. In a vote, some users stated that they found it very creepy, but Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, says: “We will keep that eyesight feature because it keeps our users in touch of the real world.”

This product from Apple could make a small impact on the world, but it also definitely is a huge milestone on the development of technology and the application of Virtual Reality.

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