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Apple Vision Pro Headsets

By: Jenny Liang

Apple recently announced that the Vision Pro headsets are going to be released by next year. The Apple Vision Pro is a device that YOU can put on your head to cover your eyes. They are like VR, but you can use them doing work watching, or TV at home. Using the Vision Pros, you’re combining virtuality and life.

Vision Pros can be controlled by your eyes, hands, and voice. Right when you put on the Vision Pros, you just see the space you’re in, then you see a home screen—something like what’s on your iPad and iPhone. You can control it with a touch of the air by moving your finger.

The light of the Vision Pros can cast shadows to a scale of where the light is. It’s natural and it feels like a normal room. You can move objects, or go to a photo and you can go visit a cliff, a beach or a different country: completely virtually!

When someone comes by, Vision Pros immediately turns the vision on, so they can see your eyes and you can see theirs. You can add items keyboard while using the Vision Pros. You can also Face time group call: it makes the class easier and more natural like you’re with your friends on a couch.

The Vision Pro is like a computer. Users can blend the real world and the digital world. The Apple Vision Pro is one of Apple's first products through which you can look, you can see, hear, and interact with the Apple Visions with a digital screen. The Apple Vision Pros is a whole new experience. The price of a Vision Pro is $3500.


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