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Apple Vision Pro

By: Katelyn Wei

Last week, Apple announced its first mixed reality headset, The Vision Pro, which has a screen that one can wear on one’s face. Virtual reality and the real world are going to mix in a new hi-tech device. With one’s eyes, fingers, and voice, people who wear the gadget will be able to play games, type in front of a virtual monitor, play with digital objects, watch movies on massive screens, and much more.

The Vision Pro looks like ski goggles and combines virtual reality where one sees virtual items in the real world. One will be able to look and record the world around one. Cameras, sensors, and microphones are built into the goggles that can send anything that is happening outside of one’s body into a video feed in front of one’s eyes.

A feature called Eyesight shows the wearer’s eyes on the front of the goggle as the wearer watches what is happening on screen, which Apple states helps one stay connected to those in the real world. However, the headset is not cheap, costing around $4000.

During the announcement, Apple boss Tim Cook talked about the potential of mixing digital content with the real world. “Blending digital content with the real world can unlock experiences like nothing we have ever seen,” Cook, said. “Just as the Mac introduced us to personal computer, and iPhone introduced us to mobile computing, Apple Vision Pro introduces us to spatial computing. Built upon decades of Apple innovation. “Vision Pro is years ahead and unlike anything created before,” Cook said.

Apple announced other new features at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in California in the Us including tech to reduce eye strain in children. A daylight sensor will measure how much time an Apple Watch wearer spends outside, which is crucial for eye health, and a new screen distance feature sends alerts when a user is too close to their device.

Among the other changes, Check In will allow iPhone users' family or friends to get notified that they have reached their destination safely while the new NameDrop lets one share contact information with a chosen person by holding one‘s iPhone close to theirs.

Apple has announced it will be released in 2024.

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