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Apple’s New Vision Pro Headset Sets Tongues Wagging

By: Pranav Sampath

Apple has entered a new era of virtual objects, games, and movies with its new Vision Pro Headset, introduced on June 5th at Apple HQ in Cupertino, CA. Along with the necessity of having a virtual monitor for gaming, the Vision Pro lets you experience movies on a high-quality display. It adds sensors, microphones, and cameras which allow you to know what is happening around you while experiencing augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR). You can switch between VR and AR at will.

It “looks like a pair of ski goggles,'' said Apple CEO Tim Cook while unveiling the product. Made of glass and aluminum, these goggles have a 4K OLED microdisplay for each eye and 12 cameras, 1 being a true-depth camera, IR illuminators, and a Lidar scanner. There are also IR cameras and LED illuminators used to track your eyes. It is also very ventilated in the back and sides. The headband is flexible and is one size fits all. It has inserts that are adapted to people that wear prescription glasses by using lenses.

This product is powered by an M2 chip along with an R1 processor. The Vision Pro has spatial audio. It has “dual driver audio pods” that are strapped to each ear on either side of the headset. It also uses Optic ID to sense your irises. It can make a digital avatar by using cameras to sense your face. And it is controlled by your voice, hands, and eyes rather than external controllers. “The eye tracking is magical,” said Marques Brownlee. Its eye track, which highlights the area where you move your irises, is almost immediate.

“This marks the beginning of a journey that will bring a new dimension to powerful personal technology,” Cook told the crowd. One downside is that it may significantly increase a person's screen time. It is not known if long-term use of such devices may negatively affect your vision. Mark Zuckerberg said, “This could be the future of computing, but it is not the one that I want.” It won’t work with wireless headphones and only has two hours of battery because of the weight. All of this comes at the price of 3,500 USD.


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