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Apple’s new Vision Pro headset mixes the virtual and real worlds.

By: Derrick Chen

Apple unveiled the new Vision Pro headset in Cupertino, California on June 5, 2023. The headset was created to combine the virtual world and the real world. This headset creates virtual reality in real life by using multiple cameras and displays to have a real setting with virtual objects inside of it.

The Vision Pro headset allows users to use their fingers and voice to interact with things in virtual reality. People can interact with virtual things in the real world. There are microphones and cameras built into the headset that allows for the recording of what is happening around you. This data can be transferred in front of your eyes for you to see. This allows your bedroom to become filled with virtual things or an empty room to appear to have lots of things within it without having to physically bring anything into it.

Filling a bedroom is no problem for Vision Pro. You want a TV, you get a TV. You want a new lamp, you get a new lamp. This device can make anything appear in your virtual world without having to buy it in the real world. The only catch is, you can’t feel it - you can only see it. It works great for a TV, but a bed wouldn’t be ideal.

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