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Apple’s New Groundbreaking Vision Pro Headset Takes Everyone’s Wallet By Storm

By: Kevin Lee

On June 5th, 2023, during the online Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple revealed the funny-looking Vision Pro VR Headset, looking a lot like ski goggles, but very advanced, with the ability to see VR in your own space.

The Vision Pro is Apple’s first spatial headset. According to KidsNews, it is said to be “hi-tech.” CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, says that “Vision Pro is years ahead and unlike anything created before.” And they are not wrong! Vision Pro really is years ahead of its time, due to it combining Virtual reality with our world.

According to an article for KidsNews, the Vision Pro is said to allow wearers to be able to “play games, type in front of a virtual monitor, play with digital objects in your living room, watch movies on a massive screen anywhere, and much more.”

Due to the Vision Pro being a headset, it is portable, so you can bring it almost anywhere. According to Apple, the Vision Pro is suited with cameras, sensors, and microphones, so you can record in 4k anywhere you go.

The headset also has some cool features, like the EyeSight mode, which makes the screen of the headset transparent so other that people can see your eyes through the headset.

According to MacRumors, “Apple's new Vision Pro headset is controlled with eye and hand movements by default. For those with accessibility needs, however, features like VoiceOver, Pointer Control, and Dwell Control will allow users to interact with visionOS in other ways.”

Even though Apple’s Vision Pro might seem like a fun toy you could casually put on your shopping list, it is actually a very expensive gadget, costing about $3,500 USD per headset, so don’t even think about getting your car keys and heading to the store unless you’ve already taken some time to consider your financial decisions.

Even if you have enough money to buy it, the Vision Pro isn’t released yet, but Apple has said that it’ll be released sometime in early 2024. In the meantime, it is best if we just are patient about the Vision Pro and wait until the price drops.

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