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Apple releases the New Apple Pro headset which allows you to interact with apps in VR

By: Sunny Liu

With the introduction of its first mixed-reality "spatial" computer headset, Apple allows users to wear screens on their faces. The users will be able to play games and type in front of a virtual monitor using their senses.

Vision Pro looks like ski goggles and combines virtual reality with augmented reality*, where you see virtual items in your real world. An immersive video game can fill your bedroom, or a huge TV screen can hover in the middle of a plane with spatial audio. You can view and record the world around you with the goggles' cameras, sensors, and microphones.

A feature called “Eyesight” shows the user's eyes on the front of the goggles while they are seeing what is happening on the screen. While Apple argues that its product keeps you connected to folks in your immediate environment, some people find it a little unsettling.

Also, the headset will cost you around $5000 in Australian money, so it is not cheap.

During the launch, Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke about the revolutionary potential of combining digital and real-world materials. Cook asserted, “Blending digital content with the real world can unlock experiences like nothing we’ve ever seen.”

In the same way that the Mac and iPhone introduced us to personal computing and mobile computing, respectively, Apple Vision Pro does the same for spatial computing. According to Cook, the Vision Pro is decades ahead of its time and unparalleled to anything that has come before.

Apple also introduced several new features at its yearly Worldwide Developers Conference in California, including technology to minimize children's eye strain. Allowing users to wear screens on their faces also means that they can interact with apps via VR.

The introduction of the headset has been revealed with much enthusiasm from the public.

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