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Apollo and the worm

By: Harvey Shen

Once upon a time, when the first humans had begun roaming the earth, a worm named Scott the Worm lived. One day, when he woke, he couldn’t find his family.

Scott thought his family was eating breakfast, but a big wind blew them away.

Scott was furious at the gods because he knew the gods made the weather, so he wanted to talk to the gods.

He waited for the wind to carry him. He knew that he would reach the gods like that because his father told him. When a breeze did, Scott closed his eyes and went up.

When he opened his eyes, he was lying in front of the door leading to the god’s room. Scott entered the room.

Apollo was inside, sitting on his cushioned chair that said Apollo on the side.

Apollo asked, “Why are you here?”

Scott the Worm said, “I have come to ask why you blew away my family.”

Apollo said, “Oh, because it is fun.”

Scott became very angry, but before he could do anything, he got kicked away by one of Apollo’s soldiers.

Scott spent the next few YEARS gathering worms and training them to prepare to fight Apollo. Once they finished training, they went to Apollo.

When Apollo saw the worm army, he got mad and wanted to defeat them. But then he knew that if he easily kicked the worms out, they would tell the humans how bad the gods were, and they would not worship them.

So Apollo and his army quickly ran away, and Scott’s army returned home and had a big party.

After that time, there were fewer storms and winds, but more still came, and the worms thought the gods are trying to get them back.

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