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Anyone Can Make the World a Better Place

By: Jeffery Liu

The smallest things can make the biggest difference. For instance, a small glass of water. Water may not look like much and may seem pretty useless, but believe it or not, it is one of the most important things that keeps us alive. In today’s case, we’ll be seeing someone who made a big, positive effort to help many lives in the world-ecosystem.

Jane Goodall was really interested in nature and took action to help the environment become a better place with less pollution, less climate change, and less deforestation. She thought that nature holds many surprises and should be considered important to everyone. She even started an institution that educates young kids about nature and animals to hopefully influence them to join the fight to safe nature.

Jane Goodall was so caring to nature and animals that in 1957, a paleontologist was looking for someone to study chimpanzees and immediately thought that Jane was the best person for the job. Goodall even refused to assign the chimpanzees numbers which shows how she considered nature and animals no different than humans–as equals. She thought that they weren’t treated equally and even gave them human names. In October 1960, she discovered that the chimpanzees that she was observing were so smart that they were able to make tools out of grass stems to keep termites out of their nests. Because of her discovery, chimpanzees became accepted as an intelligent species.

Jane noticed that deforestation and climate change were both damaging the ecosystem and the food chimpanzees depended on were in danger, so she left to help with this problem. She has created sanctuaries and research sites in her war against deforestation and climate change. These sites help save animals and keeping the environment clean for animals to thrive in.

In 1991, Jane also founded Shoots and Roots which helped equip young people to take action and help the environment survive. “Everybody has to do their bit in the environment where they are,” she says. “You can’t just help the environment as a whole. We’re all interconnected.” Jane believed that everyone needs to help in order for there to be a change. Everyone has a part in this shared environment and she hopes she can make people see that.

All in all, we can conclude that Jane Goodall really dedicated her life to protecting nature and wildlife. Her work helped protect the ecosystem and helped humans gain a better perspective of their place in the world.

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