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Antikythera Shipwreck Still Yields Artifacts After 120 Years.

By: Yizhou Zhao

A Roman-era cargo ship that sank close to the Greek island of Antikythera more than two thousand years ago has been yielding treasures for a very long time. There have been lots of ancient treasures found since 1900. In late June 2022, researchers revealed their latest find: a marble head depicting the Greek and Roman demigod Hercules.

The team believes it belongs to a headless sculpture. In 1900, sponge divers found the statue's head. It was under the rule of a roman empire. Captain Dimitrios Kondos and his team led the first wave in 1900.

They also recovered a lot of bronze statues, which are rare. The most awesome find was the Antikythera Mechanism. People call it the world's largest computer. It had lots of information like 30 gear wheels.

The exploration project came to an abrupt halt in the summer of 1901 after a diver was killed and two others were paralyzed of sickness. The Return to Antikythera was 2012.

“The divers also found a marble base with the legs of another statue, parts of the ship's stuff, and two human teeth.”

It is now displayed in a museum.

It is very important to be careful when diving.

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